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What we do

The double standard of glass

In the Netherlands, we throw glass packaging in the recycling bin after one-time use. Simultaneously, we carefully store our drinking glasses in the cupboard, and we find it a shame if they fall and break. Where does this difference in mindset come from?


Why reuse?

Throwing away glass jars or bottles is unnecessarily wasteful. It is much better to reuse  by collecting, sorting, washing and refilling the glass packaging. At our PAKT sorting and washing location, packaging is prepared for reuse. By saving glass packaging from the recycling bin, we save up to 85% CO2*.

*Exact number depends on the type of packaging and transport distance.

Industrial sorting and washing technology for reuse

PAKT develops industrial sorting and washing technology to process glass packaging on a large scale. By doing this, we build a circular return system for glass packaging.

Sorting and cleaning factory

Since July 2023, PAKT has started cleaning glass packaging in a factory in Woerden. Here we can clean 3000 packages every hour.


Our washing machine has been specifically developed for thorough cleaning in three steps: an immersion bath, steam cleaning and a final rinse. The glass packaging is cleaned at 80 degrees, after which it is food safe and as good as new. Our cleaning process adheres to the HACCP guidelines and we test for micro-organisms and allergens using ATP testing.

Why PAKT's cleaning service?

Thanks to our smart collection, sorting and washing technology, we can offer glass packaging that is up to 8x more sustainable* than single-use packaging.

*Exact CO2 reduction depends on the type of packaging (weight, size, transport distance)

Moreover, our reusable packaging is 20-35%* cheaper than single-use glass.

* Exact cost reduction depends on the type of packaging and intended volume.


Preparing glass jars and bottles for reuse is not always straightforward. Further research is necessary to make the transition as seamless as possible. That is why we have joined forces with various partners to test the reusability of glass packaging in pilots.

Pilot Project CLEAN

Duration: September 2022 – March 2023

What challenges do we encounter when we collect, sort, clean and fill glass in a pilot setup?

That is the question we answered during project CLEAN. Together with 19 partners, we collected glass from 1000+ households in a period of 3 months. In total, more than 40,000 glass containers have been collected. We have carried out various tests with this collected glass. For example, the technical feasibility of automated sorting and the degree of cleaning that could be achieved. Curious about our test results? Send an email to to recieve a summary of the results.

Do you want to save money and become more sustainable today?