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We clean glass packaging for reuse.

Why choose our cleaning service?

Cost effective

  • We compete with the purchasing costs of single-use packaging. Glass packaging production costs a lot of energy, energy which is  becoming increasingly expensive. The cleaning of glass packaging requires much less energy, which means we can charge a stable low price.
  • We are constantly exploring new ways to make our washing process even faster and more energy-efficient by developing our own sorting and washing technology.

High quality

  • Our washing machine is specifically designed to treat glass with care and clean it thoroughly: after submersion, steam cleaning, and rinsing, each piece is as good as new.
  • The machine is also very fast and can process 3000 glass containers per hour.
  • We adhere to HACCP guidelines and conduct allergen tests to ensure that our packaging is food-safe.


  • Our entire return chain has a lower environmental impact than recycling. Instead of melting glass at 1500 degrees, we wash the packaging at 80 degrees. This results in an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • 20 times reuse leads to 19 times less waste!

Our customers

PAKT possesses industrial sorting and washing technology to clean a wide variety of glass packaging on a large scale. This way, we contribute to a world without packaging waste.


We are here for anyone who wants to have their glass packaging professionally cleaned. For example, if you:

  1. Want to outsource the cleaning of glass packaging.
  2. Do not currently clean glass packaging but would like to.
  3. Want to transition to reusable glass packaging.
  4. Seek more information about sorting, cleaning, circular packaging, or other related subjects.

1. Collect

Used glass packaging is collected and transported to a PAKT location.

2. Sort

Upon arrival at a PAKT location, the used glass packaging is sorted and registered.

3. Clean

The lids are removed, and the glass packaging is cleaned.

4. Inspect

The glass packaging is checked for bacteria and damage.

5. Reuse

The clean glass packaging is returned to packaging companies that refill the glass packaging.

Wash away!

At our washing facility in Woerden, we are ready to clean a variety of glass packaging, from jars to bottles. Get in touch to find out if your glass packaging is suitable for reuse, or check our specifications.

Our impact

Reusing glass, instead of melting it down, saves a significant amount of CO2 emissions. A whopping 25kg per person per year! This is equivalent to driving approximately 229 km in an average Dutch car!

The team

Our team consists of a group of passionate engineers with experience in organizing and executing sustainable and innovative projects. Together, we aim to accelerate towards a circular economy, respecting and protecting both people and the environment.


Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs 2023

Winner ‘het Gouden Peertje’
Gerard & Anton Awards 2023

Winner Impact award
TU/e Contest 2022

Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs 2023

Winnaar het Gouden Peertje
Gerard & Anton Awards 2023

Winnaar Impact award
TU/e Contest 2022


Yes, research (1) shows that reusable glass packaging emits up to 85% less CO2 than single-use recycled glass packaging. Reusable glass packaging also emits up to 70% less CO2 than a plastic PET bottle.

Exactly how much CO2 is saved depends on the material, the transport distance, weight of the packaging and how often it can be reused. We calculate the precise CO2 impact for each customer. If desired, we can make a precise calculation for each packaging.

(1) Reloop and Zero Waste Europe, 2020

Washing time, water pressure, temperature and chemicals are all important for a good cleaning result. The advantage of glass is that the first three factors can be used optimally, since glass is strong and can tolerate high temperatures. This allows us to keep the use of chemicals to a minimum.
To achieve a 100% hygienic result and make the glass last as long as possible, a little bit of chemistry is needed. The main agent used is sodium hydroxide, which dissolved in water is called caustic soda. This product is not dangerous in low concentrations and is also commonly used in for example, shampoo.

All our packaging is cleaned at 80 degrees with caustic soda, a solution of sodium hydroxide in water. The washing machine removes labels, organic material and fats and kills bacteria. Then the dirt is removed and the packaging is rinsed twice more. For inspection, we use ATP testing to ensure that our packaging is free of micro-organisms.


Thanks to this cleaning method, PAKT ensures clean packaging that can be reused for consumption.

We can clean all glass packaging with the specifications stated in this document. If your packaging does not fully match these specifications, please contact us and we will look for a solution.

Yes, you should. Just like with new bottles or jars, rinsing right before refilling is necessary.

Unfortunately, reuse of caps and lids is not (yet) possible for professional food production. The lids and caps are no longer airtight after washing and can rust and absorb odors. We do try to minimize waste as much as possible by recycling the steel lids.  For plastic lids we are conducting research into whether we can use them to make new plastic lids.

Our partners

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